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Marks & Spencer Primitivo

🍷M&S Primitivo Puglia 2019, IGT
💷 £7.25 (currently on offer at £6.25) or part of Two Dine In for £12
🍇 Primitivo (Zinfandel)

The wine that comes with the M&S two dine in meals – deal or no deal?

This one I assure you is a very good deal. It’s the type of red that makes you take a big sigh after the first glug on a Friday night having finished a mad week at work in cold, grey lockdown Winter…wearing about 10 layers not WFH.

Primitivo (Zinfandels Italian twin) comes from Puglia where the Summers are hot and long, meaning the wine is going to be big and bold, jammy and juicy. If that’s your thing, this one’s for you.

Luscious, ripe cherries and blackberries, notes of chocolate and vanilla, full bodied, sumptuous and smooth.

Paired with Venetian Duck Ragu, bellissima!

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