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Rosé Winter Food Pairings

Drinking Rosé in the Winter: Yay or Nay? 

Drinking pink is usually associated with long, warm Summer days and alfresco dining on holiday and drinking it in Winter is mindfulness escapism to help us detach from dreary, cold, wet weather…  

But look beyond this and you will see that rosé is so versatile and can be just as equal a contender when looking for great Winter meal pairings like this beautiful bottle of Maïa. 

Here are my three favourite pairings for this dreamy Provence style Rosé. 

Fennel, ricotta and dried chilli risotto ( Jamie Oliver recipe

Baked salmon with sea salt, lemon, olive oil and green pesto

Herb roasted Poussin with thick cut. skin on. garlic. butter. truffle. chips (possibly my favourite pairing)

Maïa Provence is available to buy from The Oxford Wine Company & Red&White online.

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