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WSET Level 2 with Distinction

WSET Level 3 results pending

Hello all, thank you for visiting my page! I spend my working day as a Doctor and in all my spare time I am knee deep in the world of wine.

I have always been passionate about wine and have been on an informal learning journey for several years now. I initially started a wine page on Instagram to record my thoughts and reccomendations and then the pandemic hit last year and I suddenly found myself having an abundance of free time to focus on building on my knowledge and sharing what I love with others and the wonderful wine community.

I am a huge supporter of the UK Wine Industry and Great British Wines, so there is a big focus on this on the website and my social media.

Are you interested in working with me?

I regularly work with PR Companies, Wine & Food Retailers as well as Vineyards on collaborations, creating content and promotional events. Please send me an email if you would like to chat about this.

Need Help With Wine?

Here are a few of the wine related projects I have helped people with:

Choosing Wine for an Event or Wedding

Hosting a Wine Tasting Party at Home

Vineyard Trips & Itineraries in the UK

Supermarket Guide to buying wine

If you’re in need of inspiration or wineful guidance drop me a message 🙂

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