English Wine

Chapel Down NV Brut

Chapel Down Brut- The first English wine I tried and have been hooked since! Chapel Down based in Kent is amongst one of the most well known wine estates in the UK and is widely available to buy in the supermarkets, making it accessible to all.

Beautiful flavour of crisp green apples, pear and citrus. Very quaffable and a crowd pleaser for all occasions. Usually £24.99, however, frequently on offer in Waitrose for £19.99- keep your eyes peeled.

1 thought on “Chapel Down NV Brut”

  1. I love chapel down too, first visited in 2017 and currently love their Bacchus Sparkling, a bargain at £11.50 in Waitrose. I’m just waiting for the lockdown to lift so we can start visiting English vineyards for my second book. It will still be in the It’s Not About The Wine” idiom with lots of connected history, art, philosophy etc.


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