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What do you take to drink with you when you are staying in a completely self-sustaining, eco-friendly carbon neutral ‘pod’ in the middle of nowhere? 

It seemed to me the obvious choice was trying out some new canned wine – so I took along the new @banksbrothersdrinks samples kindly sent to me a couple of months ago. 

The canned wine market has increased by more than 100% since August 2019 surged by several lockdowns and outdoor only gatherings it seemed be the perfect solution- single serve, portable and recyclable. 

Yet canned wine is still a divisive topic and whilst the appeal of sustainability, better for the environment, easy to carry on the go with great eye-catching branding and packaging, what the consumer really needs to be convinced by is simply : does it taste good……nay great? The Banks Brothers are here to show you that it absolutely does. I picked out two red wines from the selection as these are the ones I have enjoyed the least when trying canned wine previously- they were an absolute WIN!

The details: the range is the first release of hopefully many from Michelin starred chef Tommy Banks and his brother James. It showcases the wines of South Africa whose industry has suffered terribly in the last couple of years. They had a series of lockdowns which also included alcohol bans and the Banks Brothers wanted to give their support to some of the brilliant wine makers they have worked with. 

I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon/ Shiraz blend along with the Syrah/ Mourvèdre blend. Both are rich and smooth, the first full of blackberries and chocolate and the second having an oomph of warming spice.

The Banks Brothers say: “The wine world can seem ‘stuffy,’ and that’s just not our vibe. We’re here to shake things up, making wine-drinking more approachable, less pretentious, and better for the planet, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.” 

I think they have managed to do just that and I am all for it! 

Click here to have a look at the full range and try some out for yourself.

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