English Wine

Folc English Rosé- Shaking Up The English Wine Scene

Folc; noun: people, tribe, family. A high quality English Rosé that brings people together.

The Story

What do you picture when you think about English Wine? Rollings hills, lush vineyards, perhaps a multi generational family estate? Folc is none of those things and yet it has all the makings of a wonderful English Wine in a modern, approachable, sustainable and inclusive way.

Elisha Rai is the beautiful face behind this labour of love, lockdown launch along with her fiancé Tom.

Of Indian heritage, Elisha is paving the path for other ambitious and passionate women who want to work in wine; Promoting diversity and proving that you don’t need to come from a wine background or have a degree in wine to achieve success.

Working full time as a Lawyer by day and learning about wine by night Elisha’s grand plans for Folc began in 2019 and just as her hard work was about to come into fruition the Covid pandemic hit and like the rest of world everything went into a disarray. But in spite of this Folc was launched in 2020, originally produced to be sold at festivals and having little online presence they had to step up and form a new plan. A testament to them, as they completely sold out of their first vintage.

About the Wine

The 2020 vintage of Folc English Rosé is a unique blend of seven different grape varieties: all sourced from family run vineyards in Kent & East Sussex and comprise Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Bacchus, Reichensteiner, Schonburger and Dornfelder.

The winery is local to Kent, their award winning winemakers are also accredited with WineGB’s sustainability scheme and have produced a wine which is vegan and follows sustainable practices.

Wine Sustainability

Consumers are aware now more than ever about how they might live their lives in a more sustainable way, particularly in this past year when we have all had a lot of time to reflect about the changes we might like to make. The wine Industry has a long way to go in this respect and I had a such an eye-opening session with Borough Wines on Sustainable Wine Solutions recently which highlighted that one of the biggest issues that needs tackling is the perception that if wine a is packaged, bottled or transported differently it some how affects the quality of of the final product and is not pleasing to the eye.

The Folc team are absolutely proving that this is not the case. Aesthetically pleasing, oh so chic, delicious wine which is sealed with a plant-based carbon negative cork. There is no plastic wrap around the cap and the bottles are reusable with the labels being made from recycled paper. Folc transportation also uses biodegradable sleeves and boxes made from recycled cardboard.

Borough Wines & Folc are also going to be doing a very exciting collaboration, soon to be announced….watch this space!

The Tasting

The Folc Rosé is bottled Summer, thirst quenchingly crisp, bright and lively, super quaffable and has a long lingering finish. Delicious flavours of grapefruit and watermelon, juicy strawberries and ripe cherry.

Folc; a delicious wine with a great story, the face of a modern wine industry which brings people together and tells you to pursue your passions.

What an exciting start to the Folc journey, I so look forward to following their progress and ongoing success.

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