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M&S, The Coppersmith Pinot Noir, California 2019

🍷 The Coppersmith Pinot Noir, 2019

📍Where to buy: M&S, Ocado

💷 £9

🍇 Pinot Noir

I picked up this bottle in my M&S Supermarket sweep last week. A classic sun drenched Californian Pinot Noir, deliciously moreish and great value at under £10 🙌

Lots of strawberry and cherry on the nose, bramble, vanilla and a touch of spice. Equally fruit forward on the palate, lots of ripe strawberry, cherry and plum. Juicy and jammy with a slight cooked fruit character and added notes of vanilla, chocolate and earthiness.

Smooooooth, velvety and quaffable.

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